Sunday, 5 June 2011

Weekly Report #3: The Return of all things...

It was sunday when I decided to post this!!!

Well, I finished my exams now thank god for that :D freedom is mine. There's just one downside to all this freedom. What the hell do I do next. What can I do? I have had an unhealthy amount of time to party and think. That's all I do. Party and think, analyse. Why is uni such a sex obsessed/driven place. Okay, stupid question, hormonal teens with too much freedom is obviously the answer.

>>The Inbetweeners: I managed to watch every single episode of this in like a week! It was crazy! I can't believe I put it off for so long, it was so funny! I laughed so hard at nearly every episode. Channel four are onto a goldmine. It's been going for years but I just ignored it, it wasn't until my sister ripped me to shreds for not having watched it that I knew I had to.
Our last School disco may take place this week, the pride and joy of our time at university, the super cheap grotty club where weekly fun takes place. What if everyone grows out of it, so when we get there, no one is interested in going to this club with us sorry souls who are a year out of date! Either way, I'm so excited about China. It's worth missing a year's trips to that club!

I've even got a Chinese Facebook now!
This is meant to be a short update. So I will continue at a holier hour!

Until we meet again :)