Saturday, 30 July 2011

This Summer I'm Flying High

It's been a while since I have posted, as of late I have been busying hanging out with friends and reading like the massive dork I am!
I love being back home in London for the Summer! So many exciting things happening every day!
A notable way in which I spent my time, was modelling for my friend Jing's Photography blog​m/ << she was Inspired by this Japanese photographer who used the concept of levitation in really urban areas such as Tokyo. Inspired we took to the streets of London to recreate our own! The rest are on my friend's blog.

I know I love my food, though I shouldn't because it's not a person. Being somebody who has to watch their weight all time time it can sometimes be difficult when faced with good food. Therefore this summer I have decided to up my intake of fruits and veg which has made all the difference, now I in a day I can eat as much as I like knowing my body is actually benefiting from it. One of my favourite foods to eat at the moment is Kimbap, its a type of Korean sushi made with fresh ingredients~ no additives and very affordable. I eat it a few times each week!

Trying to keep fit should always been fun, therefore I took to this dance-mat game called Pump Fiesta 2011 to keep fit. I'm started from the very beginning so I am really bad at it but I hope to get better soon I have high expectations from my self so I'm working at it! In the mean time, I keep up with Korean dance routines to be fit. It is very easy for me to learn and a great and fun way to keep fit. I recommend learning your favourite dance routines, it doesn't even have to be Korean, many of my friends learnt the party rock anthem dance.

Reading has always been one of my passions and instead of studying Chinese this summer like I should be doing, I have just spent my time reading the books I wanted to read the most, which is like a massive dream to me!~ One I have been desperate to read is the Hound of The Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I am in the middle of it now and it is so exciting, even more so because I went to visit my friend in Exeter a couple of weeks back and we went to Dartmoor. The books is mainly set in Devonshire around dartmoor and the Author makes several references to places I visited there. I am a major city girl, much like Dr Waston in the text so it was hard for me to take to the moors first off. I had a great time though.

Then my usual hang outs,~ visiting Eat Tokyo, Urban Outfitters, Snog and a million other new frozen Yoghurt places and Trocadero Arcade has been closed down :( either way I'm having a great Summer!