Saturday, 30 July 2011

This Summer I'm Flying High

It's been a while since I have posted, as of late I have been busying hanging out with friends and reading like the massive dork I am!
I love being back home in London for the Summer! So many exciting things happening every day!
A notable way in which I spent my time, was modelling for my friend Jing's Photography blog​m/ << she was Inspired by this Japanese photographer who used the concept of levitation in really urban areas such as Tokyo. Inspired we took to the streets of London to recreate our own! The rest are on my friend's blog.

I know I love my food, though I shouldn't because it's not a person. Being somebody who has to watch their weight all time time it can sometimes be difficult when faced with good food. Therefore this summer I have decided to up my intake of fruits and veg which has made all the difference, now I in a day I can eat as much as I like knowing my body is actually benefiting from it. One of my favourite foods to eat at the moment is Kimbap, its a type of Korean sushi made with fresh ingredients~ no additives and very affordable. I eat it a few times each week!

Trying to keep fit should always been fun, therefore I took to this dance-mat game called Pump Fiesta 2011 to keep fit. I'm started from the very beginning so I am really bad at it but I hope to get better soon I have high expectations from my self so I'm working at it! In the mean time, I keep up with Korean dance routines to be fit. It is very easy for me to learn and a great and fun way to keep fit. I recommend learning your favourite dance routines, it doesn't even have to be Korean, many of my friends learnt the party rock anthem dance.

Reading has always been one of my passions and instead of studying Chinese this summer like I should be doing, I have just spent my time reading the books I wanted to read the most, which is like a massive dream to me!~ One I have been desperate to read is the Hound of The Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I am in the middle of it now and it is so exciting, even more so because I went to visit my friend in Exeter a couple of weeks back and we went to Dartmoor. The books is mainly set in Devonshire around dartmoor and the Author makes several references to places I visited there. I am a major city girl, much like Dr Waston in the text so it was hard for me to take to the moors first off. I had a great time though.

Then my usual hang outs,~ visiting Eat Tokyo, Urban Outfitters, Snog and a million other new frozen Yoghurt places and Trocadero Arcade has been closed down :( either way I'm having a great Summer!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Weekly Report #3: The Return of all things...

It was sunday when I decided to post this!!!

Well, I finished my exams now thank god for that :D freedom is mine. There's just one downside to all this freedom. What the hell do I do next. What can I do? I have had an unhealthy amount of time to party and think. That's all I do. Party and think, analyse. Why is uni such a sex obsessed/driven place. Okay, stupid question, hormonal teens with too much freedom is obviously the answer.

>>The Inbetweeners: I managed to watch every single episode of this in like a week! It was crazy! I can't believe I put it off for so long, it was so funny! I laughed so hard at nearly every episode. Channel four are onto a goldmine. It's been going for years but I just ignored it, it wasn't until my sister ripped me to shreds for not having watched it that I knew I had to.
Our last School disco may take place this week, the pride and joy of our time at university, the super cheap grotty club where weekly fun takes place. What if everyone grows out of it, so when we get there, no one is interested in going to this club with us sorry souls who are a year out of date! Either way, I'm so excited about China. It's worth missing a year's trips to that club!

I've even got a Chinese Facebook now!
This is meant to be a short update. So I will continue at a holier hour!

Until we meet again :)

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Spring In My Step

So, I am now a 19 year old girl. I have been bitten by the weird happiness bug! I am excited to be away from Uni but I'm excited to go back, I'm excited for the weather change, the April Showers the Spring Fashion. My first year of University is already drawing to a close and Exam season is sneaking its way in. This Easter Break I have been living in a pool of chocolates and hanging out with my friends who it is difficult to find time to see. It feels good to hang out with people who I rarely get a chance to hang out with.

The weather has also been so beautiful as of late. Is it weird I was happy to see a Thunder Storm? But other than that it has been Summer Temperature and I have been splitting my time between two cities being extremely busy. It has also made me want to travel and see the country I grew up in in detail. Also hopefully to visit a few people in Europe. I want to go to China but I want to see my home continent a little too.

This is also another really weird thing, but I got interested in what I call the Jack Wills lifestyle, J Crew, field hockey and Polo.... is that strange? sports I never thought I would ever find an interest in, is now intriguing to me.

Also our lovely royal Prince William is getting Married!!!~
All I have heard all week have been speculations about the wedding, everything in our lives have been changed or alludes to the wedding, I am starting to feel like I'm getting married to William. They have been together for so many years already and I really feel like their relationship will work out well. It's not a Cinderella story really but I suppose it could have been anyone of her peers. I wish them happiness. Now, everyone is desperate for a piece of the action. I just saw that you can buy a million fake rings from the shops so now everyone can be a Princess.

Until next time... - next time we speak Kate Middleton will have a title!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Pre- Uni Catch - Up

I just had three encounters with my old school friends, the people who, after all these years made the effort to keep me in their friendship group.

The first meeting on the thursday was a funny affair. We, had arranged to meet in a McDonalds we had scorned so much growing up. To us as 'bishop' girl's it was a place for low-lives and wannabes to hang out, but for us now as adults, it was just plain funny. The Atmosphere was bright and slightly more elegant, if that is even possible for a mcdonalds, (refurbishments work wonders). The background music was vintage, fitting the mood perfectly. Songs such as Marina and the Diamonds, 'Hollywood' and 'Jenny Don't be Hasty' floated through the speakers throughout our catch up. We spoke about the past and our aims and dreams for the future. 7 years later we were still leaning one each other, relying on each others thoughts. It was a meeting I needed. It gave me strength and helped me feel like I have achieved something. There were so many different paths I could have walked down, and thank god I walked down the path I feel was best for me. I drew many positives and maybe, just maybe, I finally believe I was blessed to go to 'bishop'. We concluded that, the 'bishop' experience, if done right, will set you up for the rest of your life, where else would you gain morals to take you through university if not an institution filled with poster girls for the results of a screwed up life.

The second encounter was less vintage and slightly more sosphisticated, I was meeting for coffee in a starbucks in Canary Wharf near her house. After a slightly confusing chase through canary wharf to find her by the idea store, we met and got frappacinos. (All that walking around was thirsty work). So we settled down more like children of our age and proceeded to gossip. And gossip. And gossip. Only, it wasn't your usual 'she's fat' banter, more like the goings on of our respective universities. In contrast to me, She was feeling quite negative of her university experience but by the end of our chat she began to feel slightly more light hearted about it all~ perhaps it was not as bad as she had intially thought. We got to the subject of guys and our hopes to find someone who was not full of crap, which seems to be the norm for most university guys. She and I concluded our meeting agreeing that we must visit each other to see exactly what our universities were about. A key interesting point brought up in our conversation was both our failure to get into Leeds. And, would we be happy being around extravagant rich kids? Would we not feel inadequate? I insisted that we would have felt the impact much harder if only one of us got in. and once again, I concluded that i'm grateful to be from East London. It means there is no part of London I cannot go to. I am not scared of my home in the slightest. I am thankful for the values I have learnt too.

By now I was brimming with utmost confidence and happiness, and 100% prepared for my next encounter. Only, after a day spent alone it began to wear off slightly. Dinner with Izzy~ is always a mildly amusing affair. This time we chose a trendy vietnamese restaurant in Shoreditch. Cay-Tre. Firstly after a ridiculously long wait for a table we found the service to be hideously slow. They scrimped on our drinks by adding bucket loads of ice and we'd read there would be a service charge. The Pho brought to us was beyond tiny, although we did ask for small, but I don't recall ever saying baby sized. Nor did I think the sprill rolls would be so unceremoniously small especially for the large price. The 'Bun' I got was a delicious mix of pork with cold noodles at the bottom. I've concluded in my head, Vietnamese is like chinese cooking with Thai flavours. We were surrounded by nosily london 'hipsters' sipping wine and acting like they were important (and cool for knowing what vietnamese was.) Isabelle and I however, failed to be impressed. For a restaurant which tries to give the impression of excellence and be no different to a Chinese takeaway was somewhat disppointing. Amplified by the lack of choice on their dessert menu. We had to take our business elsewhere. I don't understand how Vietnamese people find the idea of dessert so foreign. They offer desserts in their shops and then proceed to look at you like you have grown a third eye when you attempt to tell them you only want to eat dessert in their shop. Relying on isabelle's vietnamese was not going to get us very far but the people did point us to another restaurant that did allow us to eat dessert only. Not without some strange looks at the two london girls, one black and one yellow. Insisting we only wanted grass jelly and jack fruit.

< <<< the Viet Spring rolls

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Winter Wonderland Of Fashion!

Its that time of year, Winter, I know its been a while since I've updated my blog, a super long while, but when wintertime calls... Yes I know I am completely fashion obssessed sometimes!

Winter fashion is actually my favourite ~ I love all the knitwear and amazing boots that come with the red noses, coughs and dry skin! and HATS and SCARVES! Everything fascinates me! but I feel I can never pull off an amazing winter look!

Surely, its not my wardrobe but my lack of creativity I think which makes my outfits suck! Also I'm somebody who is NEVER satsified with my own fashion ><" sad times! I do have a friend who is amazing at fashion, and co-owns this blog, she just NEVER EVER posts, she's done maybe one since we've started. I don't know where she gets her fashion sense from...and my biological sister...
and this random pretty ulzzang girl with amazing style. sometimes I feel like I want boots like that. then I remember I am not this ulzzang and it won't look amazing on me~ I'll probably only pull off the frumpy guy look. So not cool.

And I want this. Yes. Because it's Victoria Song, Yes I want her too! Wrap her up and send her to me this christmas - Jebal!
Sheffield Fashion is very northern very different to London fashion which I prefer, I think londoners are that bit wackier and aren't afraid to dress up like drowned rats for the sake of fashion, whereas most people up here just play it safe. Interesting but not exciting!

Hopefully this winter I can pull off my own cool look!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Her Whisper Is The Lucifer

Vinnie Desu~ =)

Kbeats - Thats what I've been doing since the moment I finished school. Dance Covers and mess abouts galore. Kbeats have a blogspot lying around somewhere....

Bandage finally came out and I can't watch it!! :( (long story)

So worried about the future, University is just around the corner but... okay let me stop.

Something else that has been worrying me is the balance of friendships. I have friends who certainly will not mix and it would be a dream to believe they ever truly would. So how does one find the balance between those with more immanent interests and those without? Especially during a holiday like this, one of the last before Uni, before everything changes and nothing is the same ever again.

And as much as I would love to I know I will NOT be keeping in contact with some people after results are out and I go off to University. I mean, if people can't pick up a phone and text me whilst I'm still in London....well, goodbye forever then =/.

Okay I'm finished the depressingness. I find it funny how I only seem to write a random blog every once in a while, I don't even know if anyone will be reading it but it's nice to write a thought or too once in a while =)

I also realised how obsessive I get when a new album is released from an artist I like *cough* Danson Tang- I love his new stuff and Shinee's new album Lucifer, I'm listening to those non-stop. I was sorting my itunes today...the most random collection of music everr!
Jpop, Kpop, Jrock, Hebrew, Spanish, Chilean panpipes, classical music, dance tracks, cantopop, mandopop, trot, hard rock, brit-pop/indie. At least I can say I'm electic. Anyway
I've rambled a bit too much and its 5:30am, AKA bedtime for me!
Ciao Ciao

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Just me and my guitar

I know I haven't been on here in centuries but...

whatever, I'm trying to take my mind off the flop that is english so here I am.
18 years of age no less and a few months late for update but whatever. And Geez I need to upload on Winglin, I miss it but I rarely have time to write these days. ><" I do miss fanfics loads.
Strangeness has also been happening on Youtube, many have commented that their past suspended accounts have been re-vitalised. Strange huh?
I'm watching Hana Kimi the version with with Horikita Maki, Oguri Shun and Ikuta Toma.
Listening to old school Kpop tracks such as Jewelry Superstar and FinKL Now.
Listening to Shakira's spanish songs such as Lo Hecho esta hecho.
Old School in the form of Madonna's 90's hits such as Frozen =P
Found a Jpop girl group called BRIGHT who can sing without sounding squeaky =]
I'm also re-reading Jane Eyre and reading Arsene Lupin, Gentleman-thief. (AMAZING BOOK btw)

I've been reading teen vogue again and i'm into fashion pictorials again. Here, Jourdan Dunn, thus highlighting my need to start working out again for the summer. Doesn't she look absolutely amazing!

In other random ness I finally got myself a cute face mask- I saw in in Troc where I was revisiting my childhood and I couldn't resist. It is soo cute and weird. Try walking around in London with a face mask and see how many strange looks you get, especially not being asian lol. But seriously, what with swine flu and bird flu etc i'm surprises nobody has thought of bringing them west-wards. If you still don't know what I'm talking about... scroll down.

Heenim from SJ wearing a face mask XD

Lastly, films. I am desperate to watch some japanese films.
1# on my list is BANDAGE starring the awesomely cool Akanishi Jin and Kitano Kii. I'm currently waiting for it to come out on DVD. I may still be waiting a while because the film was in cinemas Mid-January. I'm soo impatient now, I've been waiting freaking centuries.
2# on my I freakin wanna see that so bad- list is Dareka ga watashi ni kiss wo shita. AKA. Memoirs of a teenage amnesiac. Darn these people- it just came out in cinemas last month. It seems I have a long wait on my hands, I read the book, and really enjoyed it. So I look forward to that.
3# Gokusen the movie- I have watched season one and two but not season three, so I'm putting it off until I've seen season three. I've heard mixed reviews on this one but I still want to check it out.
4#Crows Zero. Everyone makes such a huge deal about these films, I think theres a sequel.
Mastuyama 'L' Kennichi (Also in Dareka ga watashi ni kiss wo shita)
Speaking of films, in class last week we had to mention Gothic films of the ones I had not watched
I am legend
I really want to watch those now. And Twilight again. and New Moon since I've never seen it.
The more I think about it I would really love studying World Cinema at University. That much is true.
Anyway before it gets a little depressing I'll go.
Sayounara -
PS. Had random photo shoot with friend. May post pics up.