Thursday, 31 December 2009

In The New Year I Will...

It's still 2009 here in England 10:50pm to be precise. ^^ I wanted to do a whole, last post of 2009 thing. ~

I have a resolution! I'm not going to say that I'll lose 20kgs or I'll become a billionaire or any other feat that is, lets face it - Super unlikely.
Instead, my new years resolution is to be myself, and have the confidence to do so at all times. Also, to work hard for whatever I want. Furthermore, I'll do my absolute best to keep it!

I quite enjoyed 2009. It was a year of revelations of all kinds. There were many unfortunate events of 2009, the passings of people, etc, but it was a year of sucess for many and anyway, every cloud has a silver lining! I learnt a lot about myself and the people around me and I hope I continue to grow as a person and learn new things in the new year.

Goodbye 2009!

Roll on MMX! As shinee said for 2009; 2010. Y.O.U- lets make it a Year. Of. Us. =D
Excuse the cream and cheesiness ~

Happy New Year!!!

D x

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Christmas belly (N)

Hi guys!

My first post on here, have been veryyyyyyy busy =.= anyways i hope you's had a fab Christmas! (Y)

/This will be kinda weird for my first post but i just had to talk about how much people can generally eat during the xmas holidays, without realising, especially ME! oh myy, i think i ate about 4 weeks of food in one *cries* and i was actually thinking of losing a few pounds, not that it was a good idea anyway considering needing to have the good old xmas dinner!

I remember my friend and I's new year's resolution for this year was to get fit, but that was long gone i think after the first week? i'm really gonna try and stick to that for 2010! 8-) haha. this christmas belly needs to GO! prom isn't that far away! =D

Anyways that's all for now and I hope you's all have a fantastic new year's! I'll upload some pics soon since this will look a bit boring. Will get back asap :)

Izzy x

P.S. D, Alex Pettyfer is mine!!! hehehe all <3

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Update on life: Break The Records Concert DVD

Being totally otaku I had to watch the concert DVD online. Why wasn't I there again =/ I think I should try and go to their next concert (PLEASE BE IN THE SUMMER!) ~ Heeuuuu...
It just looked so fun even the members of KAT-TUN looked like they were having the time of their lives... (Why Am I In School and NOT performing too?!)

Today was nice. I'm really digging this Christmas season of course. School is more bearable
And it's been SNOWING! HURRAH!
I made the mistake of wearing this giant purple jumper that kept malting on EVERYONE!
(Sorry people who ended up looking as furry as me) ~ (And darn you Mulberry designers)
I also managed to buy Wild Child on DVD for £3 this morning just on a whim. Good Stuff!

Anyway, my last day of school before the holidays is tomorrow... Don't want to be late - it's already 2am. I wonder if the snow will die down enough for me to step out of the house... -

Good Night

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

My school Motto

No Hope. No Identity. No Choice.

My school's motto...

Okay not officially, but why display this in our study centre... it has truth to it. You come to my school and these three things become a reality.

A depressing thought... Gosh I just need to sleep
Night All

D x

Bakanishi BIITO

Around Midnight (London time) last night Akanishi fans worldwide banded together to make #eggplant a trend topic on Twitter in support of Jin's Solo song Bandage which was to be released the following day! It beat new moon ^^
and reading people's tweets was super fun!

And Bandage debuted at number one! YAY!!!

1. LANDS - Bandage = 90615

2. BUMP of CHICKEN - R.I.P. / Merry Christmas = 48611

3. May'n - Styles = 16141

4. Remioromen - Ki no Yokan Kara

5. Yamashita Tomohisa - Loveless

6. No Sleeves - Kiss no Ryusei

7. sphere - Kaze wo Atsumete / Brave my Heart

8. Shikao Suga - Hajimari no Hi feat. Mummy-D


10. Erina Mano - Love & Peace = Paradice

Oricon Single Daily rankings 24/11

I love Bandage, the song and video are amazing and it does have that 90's feel they were aiming for. All of the songs in the top 10 are good actually. Give them a listen and see what you think!

A useless fan post...

D - xx

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Korean Fashion Magazines

D here- My latest obsession!

Reccent shoots from Vogue, I love the fairytale concept.

Speaking of obsession's i'm thinking of getting a twitter account....
Credits to: Allkpop, for the pics

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Why am I at school doing no work?

Random fashion pictures lying around...
Go Ara, Seo In Young and randoms..

As the title says.... I'm in school. And I have a free period, and like a million essays to complete. It's not really working to plan. The internet is calling out to me.

These days I have been interested in fashion pictures. And yesterday I saw loads of amazing shoots in Korean Elle, Nylon, Ceci etc. I might put up my favourite here later. As for now. I'm uploading random fashion scraps from my school pictures folder....

What is an essay again?....

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Hi everyone,

I guess I'm writing a blog because I need a purpose in life... or I really just don't want to do any homework - wait I'm sorry, I mean 'Independent Study'... who came up with that word? It makes homework sound optional! It's just one of many loserish terms coined by the bald commitee- I'm sorry, 'leadership team' at my sixth form.

And heres the begining of a tangent. Sorry, sorry XD

Well, I guess I should introduce myself... and my partner in crime - here are our pictures. I'm
the one with the black and white pic! It's short but all I have time for.
Good Night