Sunday, 31 January 2010

Weekly Report # 2: Sundays are for...REVIEWS

Devina HERE!

Okay, so it's been nearly two weeks since my last 'weekly' report. I don't even remember what I've up to- um on a positive note, I got 4 out of 5 university offers~ that is always pleasant.
Okay-most recent-

I went out yesterday to see Sherlock Holmes in the Cinema- I know 1) I'm a little bit late, and w/e. Also I was supposed to watch AVATAR but that some how didn't go to plan. School is a living nightmare as usual. Made only awesome by the frequent trips out to eat around the area. And I wonder why I've gained so much weight.
The film was better than I expected it to be....way better - I loved the english banter even though it was pretty Americanified.

I blog about KAT-TUN too much, but these days I'm really into their music. After the awesome release of Olympos (Jin's solo album) the PV for their new song Love Yourself~ Kimi ga Kirai Kimi Ga Suki (gosh is that even how you say it?- I get so confused) anyway - It was released like a few days ago and I was just getting into it because of Koki's rap- then it cuts. Darn shortened PVs.

However, they also performed The D-Motion on music station- a Japanese Music TV show. (Hyde and Becky were also on the show) That song is waay better in my opinion, even though they are enjoying auto tune a bit too much. It is feel good song. And Taguchi looked seriously handsome. I can't wait to actually see the PV and the full length of Love Yourself.

Now Music/Fashion/Thinspo in the form of SNSD - gee why do I like asiany stuff so much ? I will never know Lol. SNSD released their 2nd Full Length Album titled Oh!
I have to say I was pretty disappointed. I really expected alot from them. The best songs were Star Star Star, and em, quite a few were good actually but the title song was pretty dry. If I was seeing them for the first time I would just assume they were a bunch of pretty girls with no substance and no talent. I even I know that is not true. I'm finding myself listening to CHANGE by Kim Hyun Ah a lot instead.

The Photos are nice though, really like fashion magazines.
And I've started reading Teen Vogue again LOL, it reminded me of something they would do.

Finally, Hyori Lee modelling for Adidas, she was in London AGAIN. and I didn't know AGAIN. It's so frustrating sometimes, there is no chance for us over in England to get a glimpse of Kpop stars. She looks really amazing in the whole shoot. Looking good at 30. I hope I look as hot when I'm 30 Lol.

Thats my week in short. I should mention here that Izzy my partner in crime is busy with exams and Uni apps cuz shes not as organised as me ;) lol Jkjk anyway so she is unable to post at the minute. I will force her when its over.

Until next time,

D x

Friday, 15 January 2010

Weekly Report!!

What Have I been up to this week? I don't know if this will be a regular feature but here is my week.

Life: Dry and uneventful, seasoned only by my acting classes. But my hair's grown ^^. Yet, I'm still going to get hair extensions.

School: Just finished my retakes, and I guess its best to just forget they ever happened. Shudders. The BBC were also filming in my study centre this week. For some reason. Apparently my school is really good.

Fashion: Go Ara in Nylon i'm loving those cuffs and the dress

Gossip Girl's Blair and Serena (Leighton and Blake) loving the long socks and the over the top school look which I have been rocking as of late. Serena's look here is really Ko-Gal-esque which I'm loving of course.

Rainie & Love...
Rainie Yang's 5th Album, somehow not as good as her previous one but still a nice listen.

CN Blue; Bluetory. I love the title track 'I'm a loner', such a unique sound. 'Love revolution' is amazing also. For fans of FT Island.

ZE:A's - Single- 'Mazeltov' so damn catchy and I like this group because they had to work extra hard because they weren't from one of the over hyped companies like SM or JYP.

I have been listening to this album on repeat, something I don't usually do. Surprisingly BANDAGE isn't even the best song on this album. My favourite songs are 'Yuuki' and 'Hatachi No Sensou', and I'm a HUGE fan of hidden tracks. The acoustic of Genki was soo touching. I hope this film is a success.

Thinspo: Usually I don't condone thinspo *cough* but I like Mary-Kate's style here. Loving the plaid shirt look in particular these days. I got this really nice one last year from Urban Outfitters.

And so concludes my brief weekly report. maybe there will be another one next week. maybe not.

D -

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

And all things sweet...

Happy New Year!!

I thought I'd share the lovely looking pics of the delicious Fro-yo me and Izzy had last week =D

Green Tea flavoured with mochi, pistachios, oreos. And, Mangoes, blueberries and strawberries. Oishii desu^^

2010 is off to a strange start. Here's to a great new year !!

x D x